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Transform Your Company with ERM Automation

Improve your risk fitness and save over 30% on insurance by automating your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plan with Koop Insurance
Never miss a contractual requirement
Track all risk events in one place
Easily implement risk controls
Instill trust with advanced reporting
Save 30%+ on your insurance program

What is ERM?

ERM stands for Enterprise Risk Management, a centuries-old discipline to identify, assess, control, and report risks to provide organizations with assurance in achieving their goals
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an essential tool for companies to identify and prevent potential threats to their products, services, operations, and people.
Through ERM, various risks can be assessed based on their likelihood and impact, enabling informed decision-making.  The tool then employs various ways to control and mitigate these identified risks.
Additionally, ERM provides a structured mechanism for reporting risks, ensuring that all stakeholders are consistently informed of the organization’s risk profile.
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A well-defined and well-implemented ERM plan can be a significant boost to a company’s revenue and reputation.  Your customers, partners, vendors, and investors consider ERM a token of trust.
For example, a customer expects you to fully satisfy all contractual requirements, be those insurance, compliance, or security requirements.
Missing a requirement or inability to provide proof of completed requirements can break a customer relationship.  This holds for companies of any stage, size, industry, and geography.
Learn more about the importance of ERM in our blog post
A legacy approach to managing enterprise risk is heavily paper-based, costly, and not user-friendly.  That is why ERM has predominantly been a feature of larger corporations that could afford whole risk management departments.
With automation, we believe we can democratize access to ERM for millions of small-to-mid-sized enterprises.  In a world of an ever-growing technology footprint, an ability to control risks for technology companies is a must, especially as risks tend to evolve and mount fast.
This is why we built ERM automation - to protect the world from a new generation of risks.
Learn more about the importance of ERM in our blog post

Contractual Requirements Management

Identify, track, and satisfy hundreds of customer, partner, and investor requirements in one place
Our tool allows users to drag and drop any document, and it will automatically identify insurance, compliance, and security requirements for you.  It is an easy, fast, and secure way to create and promote stakeholder trust.  Technology enterprises using this tool win more customers and save significantly on manual effort.

Risk Events Center

Analyze and report on the risk events unique to your company in a streamlined way
You might know a handful of risks specific to your enterprise, but you likely don’t know all of them.  This can lead to uninformed decision-making and poor outcomes for your customers or employees.  Our tool equips you with dozens of risk events relevant to your use case in a fully automated way.

Controls Implementation

Implement recommended controls to reduce your enterprise risk and save on insurance
The ability to prevent risk events from happening can make or break a technology company.  With an exhaustive list of controls supported by implementation guidance, technology enterprises can fully control their risks.  This saves money on insurance and makes companies more attractive for new business opportunities.

Data Sharing API

Automate data sharing from vehicles to reduce manual workflows and increase risk transparency
Working with vehicle data can be burdensome due to manual workflows. The lack of visibility into fleet composition, telemetry metrics, and utilization data can cost significant resources.  Use Koop API to securely collect fleet data, easily organize metrics, automatically generate schedules, and create reports.

Preventive Coverage

Enjoy insurance premium relief, expanded coverage, and simpler audit by automating your ERM plan
Our insurance coverages fetch data from ERM to provide technology customers with unmatched insurance benefits, aggregated market analytics, and actionable recommendations for preparing for the next renewal.  It is the coverage finally made smart and preventive.

Upgrade Your Company with ERM Automation

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Comprehensive coverage for technology companies. Powered by unparalleled risk management automation and industry expertise.