Technology Enabling The Future

Technology is at the core of data sharing and risk analysis, bringing a clearer understanding of autonomy and robotics risks.

Portal by Koop

We built Portal by Koop from the ground up, specifically for the rapidly developing emerging technologies space. We have incorporated many powerful features to solve key pain points of our clients.

Our portal enables you to do many tasks at the click of a button. Use it to fill out insurance applications, customize coverage stacks, study risk profiles, share different kinds of files and data, complete insurance renewals, and perform other risk management tasks.

  • Purpose Built
  • Solves Pain Points
  • Thoughtfully Designed

Vehicle API

Our API automates the data sharing process. Trip reports, disengagement data, sensor logs, and performance metrics are a few examples of what can be shared using it. It is an efficient way of sharing different types of data across all use cases.

We keep security and privacy top of mind, strictly adhering to best security practices and providing total transparency of data sharing process and actual data shared. Our clients can be assured of the safety of and control over their data.

  • Easy to Integrate
  • Top Security & Privacy
  • Efficient Data Sharing

Insurability Sufficiency Framework

Our framework serves as a data model for Portal by Koop and Vehicle API. ISF provides general guidelines for data selection, analysis, and risk scoring to assess the exposure of different autonomy use cases.

The framework is built on the first principles of data science and risk management, supported by technology embodied in our tools. We use ISF to understand which data is relevant for each client profile and how it can apply to insurance to get better policies for our clients.

  • Guidelines for Data Sharing
  • Use Case Risk Assessment
  • Shared Data Applications

These tools empower us to meet evolving client needs and solve a variety of pain points in an efficient manner