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What is Autonomy?

Autonomy is a combination of software and hardware that substitutes humans in dynamic driving tasks. Several mission-critical components are used to make autonomous driving possible.
Human Driver Software Driver
Insuring software driver is a problem for the insurance industry as the nature of risk is significantly different from human drivers.

Risk Modeling

Human error is a common cause of road accidents. Traditionally, insurance companies have accumulated data and built models around the distribution of human errors. Software driver performance doesn't fit in this human-centric model, with autonomy requiring new measures for behavior and safety.

Insurance Coverage

AV fleets are burdened by a patchwork of coverages, none of which were designed for the software driver. From General Liability and Commercial Auto to Tech E&O and Cyber, there is a growing mix of coverages that are scattered in rating, have no clear definitions for autonomy, and are questionable in claim payouts. Brokers have to navigate extremely limited insurance markets for such risks, which is unsustainable when scaling autonomous vehicles.

Claims Handling

AV-related claims require extensive data to understand the root causes of accidents. Assigning fault could be highly inefficient when insurance companies rely upon traditional methods of claims adjusting. When insurers fail to take advantage of vehicle data collection capabilities, subrogation and other claim settlements can be expensive. Subrogation costs for insurers prevent the market from innovating in the autonomy space.
Autonomy Cover.
For All of Autonomy.
We are developing a new category of pioneering insurance products for
on-road and off-road autonomous vehicles.

Coverage We are engineering proprietary insurance coverage for various autonomous vehicle use cases. This will give developers, fleets, and end users complete peace of mind when scaling operations or using autonomy-based services. Autonomy Cover is coming soon.

Technology Our Singularity Platform and proprietary Insurability Sufficiency Framework provide a robust toolset for autonomous vehicle data sharing, underwriting analysis, and claims handling. Whether you want to procure coverage, embed it into your ecosystem, or front it for your captive, our infrastructure will support your needs.

Impact Autonomy offers outsized productivity gains and traffic safety improvements across the board. From autonomous ride-hailing to long-haul trucking, the risk landscape for autonomy differs significantly from that of human drivers. Autonomy insurance is vital to ensure the mass adoption of AV-based services.

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Use Cases of Autonomy
AV developers, shippers, and service providers across owned and non-owned fleets.

Ride-Hail Robotaxis

Companies developing
and deploying autonomous vehicles for urban taxi services.

Long-Haul Trucking

Fleets running full-stack
autonomy or retrofit kits to move freight on highways.

Last-Mile Delivery

Companies developing
and deploying autonomous vehicles for urban taxi services.

Middle-Mile Logistics

Middle-mile or yard solutions powered by automation technologies.

Public Transit Shuttles

Automated transit developers
and operators serving municipalities.

Off-Road Applications

Deployments in agriculture, construction, mining, warehousing, industrials, and more.
Proprietary Risk Assessment
Insurability Sufficiency Framework (ISF) is a technical methodology for identifying, understanding, and estimating autonomous vehicle risks.

Data Sharing

ISF utilizes specific data for a holistic view of autonomous vehicle fleets. With secure and cost-efficient data sharing methods, our technology powers new insurance products. We support AV customers with valuable risk intelligence.

Risk Scoring

Our framework looks at the entire AV stack, from base vehicles to fleet operations. We derive an ISF score based on the unique risk profile of each autonomous vehicle deployment. Risk scoring accounts for internal and third-party safety evaluation to reward safety engineering from the ground up.

Insurance Rating

Autonomy requires insurance rates that incorporate the many advantages of autonomous system behavior and safety. ISF curates datasets to power autonomy insurance products across various use cases.
Learn more about ISF in a series of blogposts

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