Powering Autonomy Insurance

Koop is an insurance technology company specializing in autonomous vehicle risks.

Autonomy Insurance Technology

Autonomy is changing industries at an accelerated pace. Insurance requires a new approach. Technology makes it possible.


Koop provides data-driven, custom, and scalable insurance solutions to autonomous mobility and robotics clients. Our product leverages each use case for the best insurance outcome possible. We achieve this by combining our company's insurance expertise with autonomy know-how and powerful tools.


With our proprietary tools, clients have a seamless, end-to-end experience. We take care of your insurance needs with the help of expertise and technology. Our toolset features a client web portal, API, and risk assessment framework to facilitate data sharing, use case analysis, and insurance underwriting for the wide range of industry verticals our clients operate in.


We believe that autonomy will make our world significantly safer and more productive. Our mission is to enable that by providing autonomy insurance. As use cases scale, they will require a reliable solution that can scale along with them, and we are delivering that solution today.

Use Cases

We offer end-to-end, integrated insurance solutions for AV developers, robotics manufacturers, fleet owner-operators, technology vendors, and service providers, all powered by thoughtfully-designed tools and processes.

  • Robotaxi
  • Trucking
  • Delivery
  • Shuttles
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Industrials
  • Aerial & Drones
  • Marine
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Areas of risk

We offer tailored coverage for a wide range of autonomy and robotics applications.

Public Liability

Sensor Damage

Software Developer Errors

Operations Interruption

Base Vehicle Damage

Cybersecurity Issues

Our Proprietary Tools

Autonomy produces an enormous volume of data that can be applied to insurance. Data sharing is key to autonomy insurance, and technology is key to data sharing. Our suite of tools enables our autonomy and robotics clients to share data with us and our insurance partners.

Portal by Koop

Client-facing portal enabled with risk management features to work with our clients' insurance applications, exposure changes, business operations, data sharing, claims, and more

Vehicle API

Our API automates the data sharing process. Trip reports, disengagement data, sensor logs, and performance metrics are a few examples of what can be shared using it.

Insurability Sufficiency Framework

Client-facing portal enabled with risk management features to work with our clients' insurance applications, exposure changes, business operations, data sharing, claims, and more

An End-to-End Insurance Experience

Step 1


We study your risk management needs, onboard your company to Portal by Koop, and prepare your custom insurance application - all using a simple interface and powerful features.

Step 2


Fill out an application, share data through our tools, and get full visibility into your insurance execution at any time.

Step 3


Our team reviews your application and shared data to procure you the best insurance policies that leverage your use case, data, and technology.

Our client support is here to help every step of the way.

Have existing brokers and insurers? Koop can empower them with our tools to deliver you the best insurance solution possible.

For Partners

Autonomy is an exponential growth opportunity. It takes the right partner to help insure it.

For Insurers

We partner with both leading insurance companies and new market entrants. With commercial opportunities and technology, we enable insurers to underwrite autonomy with our end-to-end platform.

For Brokers

We partner with innovative brokers who use our tools to create value for their clients. We onboard brokers onto our platform and provide the functionality they need to serve these emerging technologies.