Building Autonomy Insurance

We are product builders, software developers, data scientists, risk engineers,and insurance professionals - all bound by a shared vision of commercializingand scaling autonomy through innovative risk management and best-in-class insurance.

Our Founding Story

It all started with an idea to develop external applications of autonomous mobility data.

Autonomy will change the world in the coming decades, unlocking hundreds of billions of dollars of value from saved lives and increased productivity. With autonomy comes new and abundant data that has applications beyond immediate autonomy development. One of those applications is insurance. We believe insurance deserves special attention because autonomy takes humans out of the risk equation. With that, conventional insurance risk models become obsolete.

Our vision is to insure autonomy, enable data sharing, and introduce new models and risk products. As autonomy scales, the need for this specialized solution will become even more apparent.

Koop Technologies is an insurance technology company focused on commercial autonomy and robotics use cases across various industry verticals. We offer an end-to-end insurance solution that provides peace of mind to clients through technology, data, and expertise. We are dedicated to pushing autonomy insurance forward with our clients and partners.

Meet The Team

Sergey Litvinenko


Chief Executive Officer

Zak Gazizov


Chief Technology Officer

Kamron Khodjaev


Chief Commercial Officer

Jim Duan

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Our Advisors

Chris Barker


Yuri Frayman


Dr. Norman Fenton


Insure autonomy across every use case

Our Mission

Our Partner Network

We partner with the industry stakeholders to help each other propel autonomy commercialization and adoption. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our partner network or would like to have access to our existing partners.

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We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA

We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA - the robotics capital of the U.S. We partner with local companies and organizations that share our vision for data sharing and support our continued growth.

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